NESU-TuKY’20 had a great start for the year in January when we first attended NESU-Dagen in Pori, and then organized our very first sitzparty. The After ski -sitz in Heidi’s Bier Bar Turku went great, and we even got a nice representation of ulkkarit, thanks to Probba, KY, Boomi, JKL and Estonia!

Toasts at the After Ski -sitzparty (picture by Noora Toivonen)

In February, we organized our traditional Alumnisitz, where we got to know the lovely NESU-TuKY alumni better. It was nice to organize a smaller sitzparty and our amazing sitz team got to show off their cooking skills, providing us with delicious food and dessert. Below is a picture of the board of 2020. If you want to get to know us better, check out our Instagram highlights at @nesu_tuky, where we introduced each other!

NESU-TuKY’20 at the Alumnisitz

In the spring, we got an opportunity to think outside the box. Although most of our Vappu events at TuKY were cancelled, we wanted to keep in mind the core idea of NESU: connecting business students in the Nordic. That is why we chose to organize our Remote Vappusitz through Zoom, and against all expectations, it was a great success. NESUits from all Finnish & Estonian NESU-cities attended the sitzparty, and we even had a participant who had apparently been in the board of NESU-KY in 2006! It was amazing to see NESU-people come together in this difficult time and still have fun. Special thanks to everyone who attended! <3

As for the future, our eyes are already on the autumn and the 5 sitzparties we are organizing then. In addition to the big and fancy Pikkumustat Pikkujoulut -sitzparty in the beginning of December, we welcome ulkkaris to the annual Practise Sitzparty, as well as the biennial Porn Sitzparty! Although Ruisrock has been cancelled this year, we might have a little something planned for the summer as well, if the situation allows it. 😉

We wish you all a lovely summer and hope to see you in Turku soon! 

<3: NESU-TuKY’20