The year of 2022 has begun very well for NESU-SSHV. We started the year with a new board and ever since then the new board has been busy joining sits parties in other cities, planning our own fun event, as well as our checkpoint for the obstacle course of the Wykypäivät-event, where many Nesuits were also present. The event also included NESU-Waasa’s sitz party the day before, pool partying in Tropiclandia, afterparty and sillis. We had an amazing time and we hope to see a lot of other NESUits there next year! 

We organized a Drinking game night during the Vappu week in late April for students of SSHV and NESU-Waasa, with a fantastic degree of participation from both. We are really pleased with the outcome of the event, the satisfaction of the participants, and can definitely imagine hosting similar events in the near future. We also pulled an absolute ‘classic’ in that we were so busy during the night, we forgot to take proper photos. Typical stuff. Anyways, we hope to see participants from SSHV, Waasa, and other Nesuits as well, if you happen to be in the sunny city for these similar types of events.

We hope to build the NESU-community here at Hanken Vaasa and find more students who are motivated to continue our work! We are excited about what is to come. 

We hope to see you in the summer and autumn! 

With love, 


Board photo: (From left to right) Siiri, Hannes and Milja. Our fourth board member, Joni, is missing from the picture.