Greetings from Stockholm!

The autumn semester has begun and so has the application period for the next NESU Conference. The Autumn Conference marks the end of my presidency and the beginning of the next one. We will elect the new president at the Union Meeting in Tampere on Friday 1st of November. Anyone interested in running for the position should therefore come to the Autumn Conference and the Union Meeting.

Before taking on this responsibility you might want to ask what does the NESU president actually do?

My most visible responsibilities are representing our Union at different events and heading the biannual Union Meetings. Majority of the work however happens at home in front of a computer. In my daily life the presidency shows as skype meetings with the country representatives of Estonia, Finland, and Iceland, and emails to potential international partners.

The meetings give everyone a chance to talk about how their country is doing and to get an outside opinion to any potential issues. Recently our meetings have revolved around planning the excursion to Copenhagen, which we will be embarking upon next week.

Internationalization is an important task of the president and his/her plans should reflect that. My year has largely revolved around the excursion and now during my last months as president my focus is on Sweden, where I have recently relocated. Overall the position develops with each new president depending on their plans and goals.

Unfortunately every nuance of this position cannot be conveyed in a short blog post, but to fix that I am open to all questions you may have. So, if you are even a little bit interested in the NESU presidency contact me via Facebook or email (

Looking forward to seeing you all again at the Autumn Conference!


Juuli Pekkonen

President of NESU ’18-19