Hello Nesuits, and greetings from Lappeenranta! The start of this new semester has been eventful for NESU-Enklaavi, as we played a big part in the freshman weeks program for our new students, and we have already organized two sitsparties! Our first sitsparty, “children’s party -freshman sits”, was a big success, and our new freshmen were really happy with the sitsparty!

We have also been planning a sitsparty excursion to Joensuu in collaboration with NESU-Optimi! The main reason for organizing a sitsparty excursion is to introduce our freshmen to going to sitsparties in other cities. Hopefully many freshmen will join our excursion and it will make it easier for them to start going to sitsparties around the country!

We have lots of other things planned for the fall semester as well, and we will have at least one more sitsparty before our year in the NESU-Enklaavi -board comes to an end. We are more than excited for the rest of 2019, and we hope to see many of you soon at sitsparties or other events!

Have a great fall!

NESU-Enklaavi ‘19