When life gives you lemons, make a tequila!

August 16, 2013By Nesu-Hanken i VasaBlog

Hey ho’, let’s go!

In case you don’t have a nine-to-five job five days a week, summer holidays can be called pure awesomeness. However, there is one major dilemma during this festive time of year: there aren’t as many awesome student parties during the summer season. Hence, NESU Kesämöksä to the rescue! Is there better way to prepare yourself for the next school year? Don’t answer, it was a retorical question.

Arriving at the cottage, one of the first questions that popped in our minds was: where can we go swim? It appeared that there wasn’t any water in the vicinity, which some of us had expected according to the stories of previous summer cottage events. But hey, water is overrated – all you need is beer!

No pain no gain; there was the annual NESU land meeting we had to get over with before the real party could start. Come to the annual meeting, they said. It will take two hours, they said…. In the end it took between 4-5 hours due to complications with the voting. Although none of us saw anything wrong with the fact that the counting of votes was being done very thoroughly behind closed doors, we did happen to have a minor incident – the room they chose to do the counting happened to be the one where our refreshments were stored and, thus, couldn’t get a hold of it. Thankfully the NESU spirit was as high as usual and the nice people around kept the unfortunate NESU-HiV representatives hydrated!

After the meeting during which the new NESU-Finland board was elected, including our beloved Kristian Vainio, the sitz was on! Some of us at NESU-HiV are old foxes around the sitz-table, but one of our merry group lost his NESU virginity right then and there and quite frankly, what better day/way to do this than during a NESU Kesämöksä?!? People from all over Finland gathered to have fun and meet new friends and boy did we do both I’m quite sure this night will be remembered (or parts of it at least…) and stories will be told for generations to come! I mean c’mon, who could forget classics such as the new NESU-Finland boards ‘naked man pyramid’?

NESU-TuKY, we salute you! This shan’t be forgotten!

– Harry Sjöberg

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