Greetings from NESU-PorKy!

This autumn has started well for us. NESU board has been participating actively in all events held in Pori and we´ve been spreading the NESU spirit more and more making NESU and its purpose more visible for our members. Yet our main focus this fall has been in the two sitz parties we´ve been organizing so far. The first was legendary rehearsal sitz party which was again a huge success with a great number of freshmen so called “pupu” participants. Our second sitz of the fall semester were Cuba Libre themed and we were excited to host this sitz party in a new and special location. 

A picture from the rehearsal sitz party ’19 in Pori 

Altogether, the year 2019 has been great for us. For the first time we have a NESU board instead of a team and that has worked well. Dividing the responsibility areas has made the work more efficient although it’s a teamplay and we mainly work together. This year we have been active in Pori, but also, we have had the chance and pleasure to attend other cities’ sitz parties as well. We are happy that NESU and its function in Pori is growing and developing all the time!

For the rest of the year we’re looking forward to organizing our next sitz party on Wednesday 27.11. Also, we’re super excited to have the honor to organize the next NESU-Dagen in Pori in the beginning of 2020 together with the new board! Planning has already started, and we can’t wait to meet you all here in January!