Greetings from Vaasa! This autumn has started off well for us. We’ve been able to attend NESU-Waasas rehearsal-sitzparty with a crew of 7 people, the NESU-Copenhagen excursion and organized an info-evening for our freshmen. Even though we’ve been trying to stay active and gain visibility within our own school our main focus has been our own sitzparty which will be held the 20th of November.

It feels great to organize a sitzparty after this yearlong break. Everyone in our board has been excited and ready to take on responsibility. We feel like people in our school have started to appreciate some of the things that NESU has to offer more and more. They want a possibility to meet new people and have realized how easy it is to build a wide network. This has given us a boost of energy and that’s why we’re more ready than ever. It is also important for us since some of the members in our board are getting older and it’s time for them to step aside and make space for new people and fresh ideas.

Livet är härligt,