Greetings from Oulu! It has been a busy month for NESU-Finanssi so far. We had about 180 freshmen start this year and it only took them three days to get acquainted with NESU, as we had our rehearsal sitz-party! And only three days later, some of them were lucky enough to attend our freshmen sitz-parties. During our first week, we organized three events, which was rather rough but very rewarding. What a great way to kick off our semester!

At the moment we are getting ready for our Laser Tag Special vol 2.0, an event which we traditionally held in March. It has become so popular that we decided to do it again in October in order to honor the 10-year anniversary of NESU-Finanssi! We have also ordered a new limited edition NESU-Finanssi´s overall badge, which is for sale for this autumn only, or as long as they last. Don´t miss the chance to collect this golden piece to decorate your overalls!

The next sitz-party we are preparing for is our 10-year anniversary sitz-party, which will be held on Saturday, 16th of November. We´re hoping to see as many nesuists as possible there, which is why we are trying to make it the biggest sitz-party in NESU-Finanssi´s history! In addition to this, we have the pleasure of organizing the traditional Finanssi´s and Artikla´s Economic-crime -sitz one week later! We might even have one, final sitz-party in December, which would make it our eleventh of the year.

Lastly, we are going to have the traditional and suspenseful Crash Team Racing cup with our Kylli in our guild room, as well as the fancy NESU-Finanssi´s Wine tasting, which will be the last event for this year´s committee.

With kind and cozy autumn regards,

NESU-Finanssi 2019