Hello Nesuits and greetings from Aalto!

Our autumn has begun extremely well, however, it has also been extremely busy! That only means that we have been super active during the first month of autumn semester.

We started our autumn by participating in various checkpoints, organized during the Orientation Week of Aalto! The freshmen and new mursus enjoyed the activities we organized and also seem to be very interested in NESU. One of our biggest events of the year, Harkkasitsit, was also a huge success! We had approximately 250 mursus and older students enjoying the atmosphere of the Rehearsal Sitzparty. Moreover, thank you to every single one of you who came to sitz with us from other NESU cities!

Our autumn will continue almost as busily as it started. We are now fully concentrating on our new NESU mursus and hope that we are able to build an amazing community who is motivated to continue our work! During the autumn we will be having lots of events exclusively to our mursus!

Furthermore, we will be organizing many sitzparties! The next sitzparty will already be organized on next Friday October 11th. What makes this sitzparty so special is the fact that it is organized in co-operation with NESU-SHS, NESU Estonia and NESU-HEBS. We look forward to the party and hope to see many of you!

Later this autumn we will also organize a sitzparty in co-operation with Lääketieteen kandidaattiseura, LKS, who is the student organization of the medical students from the University of Helsinki! Last but not least, our last sitzparty of the year will be organized on December 7th. Then we will already have new members and a new board!

Have a wonderful autumn!