Autumn 2017 has rolled in and all is well in sunny Vasa. NESU-Hanken i Vasa has organized its annual sitz and this time the theme was very J.K.Rowling inspired: “Back To Hogwarts”. This time the sitz was at Vasa´s Leipätehdas (Leipis) and even though the venue was slightly smaller than usual, the sitz was a success in the grand scale of things. NESU-Hanken i Vasa would like to thank everyone who participated and especially everyone who helped out for a great sitz and a truly magical evening. As usual you guys are what make NESU great and NESU-Hanken i Vasa´s board are truly grateful and honored for your friendship.

2017 is drawing to a close and next up in NESU-Hanken i Vasa´s agenda is to scout for fresh blood for a new 2018 board. The current five-man lineup has worked well, but next year´s posts will depend largely on the number of applicants. This year has been a great year for NESU-Hanken i Vasa and with one last thing on the current board´s agenda things are slowly but surely calming down and all current board members are looking forward for a well-deserved rest before things pick up again in the spring.

NESU-Hanken i Vasa would like to remind all nesuits to keep calm and party on and as usual Helan går!

NESU-Hanken i Vasa ‘17