The autumn has been busy in Lappeenranta. A couple of weeks ago we had our jungle-themed freshmen sits party, and this week we made a new record when we managed to get 50 people from Enklaavi to the NESU-Probba’s Oktoberfest-sits. Yet our biggest event of this autumn is coming: the NESU Autumn Conference 2017. For the first time ever we’ll have the Conference even partly in Lappeenranta. Our organizing team has worked hard from January and now the work is starting to pay off when we see the event approaching. The organizing team has members from both NESU-Enklaavi and NESU Tallinn:

Head Organizers: Kosti Hokkanen & Joni Pekki
Day Program Coordinator: Aino Laine
Cabin & City Run Coordinator: Aino Juurikkala
Cabin & Evening Program Coordinator: Vilppu Paananen
Chief International Logistics Specialist: Juho Ikonen
Corporate Relations Representatives: Maria Mäkitie & Anniina Sääski
Communications and Marketing Coordinators: Eveliina Viinanen & Taika Sipponen
Nordic Evening & Gala Coordinator: Iida Moskari
City Run, Graphics & Evening Program Coordinator: Tuuli Haasto
Evening Program & Herring Breakfast Coordinator: Juuli Pekkonen

This project has so far been probably the most demanding one I’ve ever been into, but at the same time the most rewarding one. Now everything is looking pretty good and we’re sure that all the participants will get an unforgettable experience. From my point of view as another one of the Head Organizers for this event, one thing that has helped a lot is our excellent team; I must say thank you for all the other organizers! There has been some ups and downs along the way, but during the last few weeks we have taken huge steps ahead.

So, we’ll begin the week in Lappeenranta. During the week we will transport ourselves to Tallinn with a cruise ship and the rest of the week we’ll spend there. The concept is pretty special and has caused us some problems, but so far we have been able to manage them quite well. At the moment we are very excited and I’m sure that the chosen participants are also! We have also already got many partners for the Conference and those sponsors will bring a lot of value to the week.

If you missed the application period for this Conference, stay tuned for the next one. It will be held in Helsinki by NESU-KY and I can truly recommend applying there! Meanwhile you can find more information about NESU Conferences from the website Remember also to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), you can find us with the name NESU Conference.

On my behalf I wish everyone a great autumn and hopefully I’ll meet many of you in the Conferences!


Kosti Hokkanen
Head Organizer
NESU Autumn Conference 2017