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April 9, 2017By Nesu-OptimiBlog

Hello from Joensuu!

The year 2017 has been wonderful so far; busy but rewarding. This year has begun well with the new board of NESU-Optimi. Our new board consists of following members: new President is Eevi Kilpeläinen and Karita Hassinen works as a Communicator. Teemu Rekola takes care of marketing (including our Instagram account,  remember to follow @nesuoptimi !) and Venla Koljonen is the Food Master. Stella Laukkanen is the Beverage Master and Reetta Saastamoinen is in charge of decorations.

This year we have put effort particularly in the organizational aspects of our operations and as a result the arranging of events has become more efficient and the team spirit has reached a completely new level. One of the outcomes is that so far all of the sitsi-parties organized by NESU-Optimi have been sold out! We are glad to see that there are so many active and eager NESU-members here in Joensuu and all over Finland.

About two weeks ago we had NESU-Optimi’s Disney sitsi-party and the evening was extremely pleasant. We got a lot of NESUits around Finland to party with us and the evening was carried out successfully. We had a blast! We hope that in the future even more NESU-members all around Finland are encouraged to attend the events in Joensuu: we offer the participants new contacts, good time and wonderful memories.

Next year we have the pleasure to host NESU-Dagen 2018. We are extremely excited about it!

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