Something new, something old – NESU-Waasa

Greetings from NESU-Waasa!


The year of board 2022 is coming to an end. For us, this has been a year to remember. This autumn we organized a total of four sitzparties and every one of them was a success. Within the last month, we have elected a new board and got to know them. While we have the enthusiasm to continue on the board, it is time for us to step aside and take a back seat and help the new board members of NESU Waasa create the best year of their student life.

In this blog post, Inka Mäkinen, Chair of the Board of 23, and Sami Parmola, Head of Communications 23, tell their stories. Inka was secretary of the board in year 22, so she represents the old and Sami the new. 

Something old…

Hello! My name is Inka Mäkinen and I am the chair of board of NESU-Waasa 2023. I fell in love with Vaasa after I moved here. Vaasa is like a home to me and NESU is my family.

I first met the concept NESU as a freshman in 2022. I remember the NESU-Waasa ´21 having a great atmosphere and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Luckily I was chosen to be the secretary of NESU-Waasa in 2022. This year has given me more than I ever imagined and I have met the best people here in Vaasa and in other cities as well.

I have so many great memories that I cannot even choose the best. However, I always have the best time when we are just hanging out with our board members. After I was chosen to be the next Chairperson I knew I wanted to make our board of ´23 to have as amazing a year as we had. I am super excited to start this new chapter with our new Nesuits and I cannot wait to see what we will do this year. Whatever we do, as long as we have fun, I will be happy! Looking forward to seeing you all in our NESU events later!

Something new…

Hello to all! My name is Sami Parmola and I am a third-year student from the beautiful and sunny Vaasa. I will be working in the NESU-Waasa’s board of ‘23 with communications for the coming year, which I am super excited about already!

My freshman year happened to be ’20-’21, and as we all know, it wasn’t the brightest year in terms of sitzparties and events. For this reason, my first memory of NESU is running around at 3 am to queue tickets for our practice sitzparty. The end result was that I didn’t even get a ticket, but was left in the reserve line in 5th place…

A year later, I finally got to start my own story in NESU, when the first sitzparty after a long gap year came around. I decided to jump straight into the deep end and go to the NESU-JKL Gran Canaria sitzparty. After the sitzparty I knew this was my thing and I have tried to be as active a “nesu” as possible. This has paid off, as I’ve made a lot of new friends all over Finland and had great times with other Nesuits. It’s hard to imagine what a great year I have ahead of me when I get to be part of NESU-Waasa and represent us all over Finland.

NESU has given me many great memories, but the brightest of them all is the Eastern Finland Rundi that took place this autumn. Three sitzparties in three days with other NESUist from all over Finland was an amazing experience. The energy of the whole RUNDI was great, even though the trip itself was really tough. Many thanks to the old Nesuits, from whom I learned a lot of new traditions and customs.

I’m really excited about our new NESU-Waasa board for next year and upcoming events like the Spring Conferences and the WAPPURUNDI. My goal as the new NESU-Waasa’s head of communications is to make as many red overalls as possible visible around Finland and let them experience at least as many great moments as I have been able to get.

With love,

NESU-Waasa ‘22