Greetings from Riversmouth! 

Autumn has been really busy for NESU-Optimi also. We have already organized two sitsparties, Pappa Betalar -sits for Optimi’s badgers and an event for Eastern Finland -tour, i.e. the Karelian pie -sitsparty. Before the Christmas holidays, we will organize two more sitsparties. Now, we will have events with law students and business students from Kuopio. But there will be more NESU-sits coming next year! 

This year’s amazing NESU-Optimi board in Joensuu.


It has not been long since NESU-Optimi had its 10th birthday. That is why we wanted someone younger and someone older NESUit to tell us about their experiences with NESU. 


Leo White is responsible for NESU-Optimi’s corporate relations this year. He has really enjoyed this year and told us about how it has been in NESU for a newer student.

“Hi everyone! My name is Leo White and for the past year I’ve been responsible for corporate relations at NESU-Optimi, and what a year it has been! The skills that I’ve learned will stay with me for the rest of my studies.

It is difficult to pick only one great experience of NESU, since there have been so many. Definitely, the most gratifying moments have been hearing about how people have enjoyed the events that we worked so hard to organize. I felt this especially during the orientation weeks for new students in the fall, when NESU-Optimi organized two annual events: NESU-Olympics and the first sits-party of the fall.

Apart from organizing events, it has been a pleasure to visit other cities and experience what they have to offer. Most of NESU-Optimi, myself included, attended the Wappurundi-tour in the spring. Each event was a blast and getting to know other people from different cities was most definitely a highlight of the trip.

Seeing how many of our new students have been enthusiastic about NESU-events I’m sure that the future of NESU-Optimi is in good hands. It is time to look ahead at new adventures and to thank NESU for one of the most rewarding experiences in my studies.”


Furthermore, last year’s Chairman of NESU-Optimi and today’s NESU Finland’s Country representative & Chair of the Board Miro Helminen memorized his experience with NESU. Miro has been an active member of NESU for a longer time.

“I started my NESU-journey back in 2018 when I was introduced to sitsparties via Hollywood-Mäyräsitsit 2018. I knew immediately that this is my thing and applied for NESU-Optimi 2019. During my many years and many more experiences in NESU and within NESU-Optimi there have been great moments and I would not change it for anything.

Many of my most memorable NESU experiences have happened in Joensuu. For example my first ever sitsparty, the first sitsparty I organized (and housing NESUits for the first time, before it all blew up and my home is a hostel :D), being a toastmaster for the first time, being there organizing the birth of NESU-Optimi’s board change traditions, The first sitsparty as the chairman of NESU-Optimi, The last sitsparty I will ever organize and also being a checkpoint holder in the much improved and well beloved NESUmpialaiset with my dear NESU Finland board that I am currently leading. 

The first and foremost thing I would have to pick when asking about my favourite things about NESU-Optimi would be its continuing amazing improvement. I would say that even if I might be looking at the scene through some slightly orange-tinted lenses NESU-Optimi has become a considerable player with a clear representation across NESU events and positions during my time of observing and organizing the mayhem. The current board is, once again doing things bigger and better than the last and I would love nothing more than to see this upwards trend continuing. My dream since I was a young boy has been seeing NESU-Optimi make a Joensuu conference happen and I feel like that is becoming more and more of a possibility.

If I had to raise one of NESU-Optimi’s events above others I would not. I have immensely enjoyed my time in every sitsparty in Joensuu in 2022. I mean it is no surprise that you are probably going to have more fun as a participant than an organizer of a sitsparty. That’s not to say you should not go for it, you totally should. I will for sure keep participating in these events for the foreseeable future and recommend you to do the same.”


Thank you Leo and Miro for your NESU-stories. 

We hope to see you all here in Joensuu next year!


With love,

NESU-Optimi 2022