As earlier mentioned by the other NESU cities, this year has been experienced as very odd in comparison to what we are normally used to. There have been very few NESU events overall in Finland and it is sad that we had also to cancel our event this fall. That means that our freshmen this year has not had the chance to get introduced to NESU in the same way as in the earlier years. We had also planned an event with NESU-Waasa, however we had bad luck and could not organize it. We experienced a very awesome and exciting NESU möksä though. It was a blast! We are so happy that it could be organized as it was for sure  for all of us one great highlight of the summer times.

We are hoping that we can organize and attend to NESU events in the nearest future. We are so excited! Also we miss you all very much! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year! Hope to see you soon!

Best regards,