Wow, what a year!

The very first freshmen week in Vaasa went by flying and everyone had a good time. On the first day NESU-Waasa got to introduce NESU to all of our lovely new freshmen. We also had a stop at the kampus race of our Universty.

We had planned our freshmen sitzparty in two parts and so taken into consideration the pandemic. Also our traditional queue for the sitz was done differently this year. Instead of freshmen waiting in line for the whole night, we sold the tickets outside and announced the selling station very early in the morning. The turnout was amazing and tickets to both sitz sold out fast.

Although in the end we weren’t able to throw our sitzparties before all of the freshmen events in Vaasa got cancelled, we got to be a part of the freshmen initiation of both our University and Warrantti. When all of Vaasas live events were cancelled we organized our traditional information night as a Zoom meeting. Also we had the chance to try out a different type of sitz-event, a Zoom sitzparty! The event was a success and if we can’t go back to traditional live sitzparties soon, there will be more like these held next year.

We also got to choose the next board of NESU-Waasa! We received a lot of applications and out of them got to pick our lovely new nesuits. <3

The board of NESU-Waasa 2021

Despite the virus, board 2020 has had the most amazing year. We got to experience a lot of what it means to be in NESU from Kesämöksä to the Conference. We have met new wonderful people to call friends and a board to call family. We are looking forward to organizing many sitzparties next year and we welcome you to the NESU Spring Conference 2021 in Vaasa, hopefully it is safe then!

To all of you lovely nesuits, we are waiting to see you again. All for NESU & NESU for all!

NESU-Waasa 2020, over and out…