Tere fellow NESUits and greetings from Tallinn

December 27, 2017By adminBlog

This is NESU Tallinn’s first blog post so a little recap on what we do might be in order. NESU has been influencing in Tallinn since 2010, and we bring together business students from Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Business School. We have been growing as an organization for couple of years now, and … Read More

Greetings from Turku!

December 9, 2017By adminBlog

The years 2017 is almost over and it’s soon time for the NESU-TuKY board of 2017 to pass their responsibilities on to a bunch of new great nesuits. But before that let’s take a look at what has happened this year. The year 2017 has brought some new concepts to NESU-TuKY. In addition to the … Read More

Case Competition in Lappeenranta on the 24th of March

December 3, 2017By adminBlog

It has been a busy beginning of the year for NESU-Enklaavi. We’ve already organized a sits party and been to Oulu with other NESU boards from all over Finland. Right now we’re getting ready for our next sits party which will be held on the 24th of March, so only two more weeks to go! … Read More

Greetings from NESU-SHS!

November 28, 2017By adminBlog

This has been an interesting year for the small but eager group of Hanken students. The following blog will be a small kind of review over the current NESU-year on the behalf of NESU-SHS. Our year started a little bit slow in the way that nobody of our board-members were able to participate in the … Read More

The Athens of Finland

November 27, 2017By adminBlog

It’s time for a blogpost from Jyväskylä again! This year has been a great one for NESU-Jyväskylä and a lot has been going on since our latest blogpost. Lets start with the events we have organized this year! In July we had the honor to organize the famous NESU Finland’s Kesämöksä in Jyväskylä. Dozens of … Read More

New President, who am I and what I will do?

November 16, 2017By adminBlog

Hello dear nesuits around the Nordic,  my name is Noora Finne and in the Union Meeting in Tallinn I was chosen to be the new president of NESU. With this blog post I will tell you a little bit of myself and also about the presidency and what it means for me.  I’m 24 years … Read More


November 14, 2017By adminBlog

Greetings from NESU-Probba! This fall has been a busy one, as we have been organizing sitsparties every month! We kickstarted the semester with introducing our new freshmen to NESU culture in the best and only way possible, our Orientation Week -sits. With over 150 participants, many of which were alumni, we had a super fun … Read More

Autumn greetings from Pori

November 5, 2017By adminBlog

Greetings from Pori! The past autumn has been busy in Pori. We have had two sitsparties and traditional pre-Christmas sitsparty will be organized in the last week of November. Our first sitsparty of the semester was the practice sits and was organized in Cabaret. Even though the place was a little crowded, the sitsparty was … Read More

Invitation: NESU Union meeting Autumn 2017

October 27, 2017By adminBlog

Dear NESUits, Time for the biannual NESU Conference is here again, and so is time for the Union meeting. The Union meeting gathers attendants from all NESU countries together to discuss the state of the union and to decide on matters on Nordic level. The meeting is open to all NESU members. Every autumn, the … Read More

Autumn greetings!

October 24, 2017By adminBlog

Greetings from NESU-KY! Our autumn has been full of events and more is coming! We started our autumn semester in September when new mursu’s arrived to school. NESU-KY participated to Orientation week and it was a great chance for us to meet new students. By now we have organized two sitzparty’s and both of them … Read More