Stories About NESU: Mikko Salusjärvi

July 24, 2020By NESU FinlandStories About NESU

Hey peeps!  It’s me, Mikko Salusjärvi. I also go by the alias, Salusmikko. I started my studies back in 2016 in Tallinn University of Technology. While there, I participated the events organized by NESU Tallinn. During the autumn of 2017 NESU-Enklaavi and Tallinn organized the half-annual conference, which included the Nordic Sitz party. I remember … Read More

Stories about NESU: Juulia Järvinen

July 19, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog, Stories About NESU

Hi all! My name is Juulia and I’m here to tell you a short story about my journey with NESU. It all started when I first begin my studies as a freshman in year 2017 in Vaasa. Throughout the freshmen-events I heard rumors about this legendary freshmen-event called ‘’Harkkasitsit’’. I didn’t know yet what NESU … Read More

Apply for the board of NESU Finland

July 13, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog

Send your application in a free form to at 26.7.20 23:59 at latest. Would you love to get involved with NESU even more? Do you have drive to develop the functions of NESU in Finland? Would you like to challenge your skills in a new board position? What? NESU Finland will choose the new … Read More

These are the days we won’t forget, part 4

July 8, 2020By Maija SaariBlog

Oh, has it been almost a year already? Certainly, doesn’t feel like that.   My time as the chairman and country representative of NESU Finland for the past 10 months has been a fun ride with its own challenges but also a very rewarding journey. I have learnt more about our organization and the union … Read More

These are the days we won’t forget, part 3

July 2, 2020By Heidi RiihimäkiBlog

“Oh, those were the days!”, I can imagine myself cry when I am sitting in a wheelchair as a 100-year-old alumna-NESUit. It’s always easy to look back and analyse the things and situations afterwards. Now, as I am writing this post, I don’t feel like this year in the board of NESU Finland has truly … Read More

These are the days we won’t forget, part 2

June 27, 2020By Aino LaineBlog

Two conferences. 19 sitz parties. Seven board meetings. Countless memories. Although it is easy to put my NESU year in numbers, summing up my experience in words is a harder task. The past year has offered me so many opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. So many new friends, as well as reunions with … Read More

These are the days we won’t forget, part 1

June 18, 2020By Sami RojoBlog

  NESU Dagen 2020   Greetings from the northernmost member of our board!   What an unexpected year it has been… I would have never thought that I´d be the one to cancel the legendary Wappurundi, nor would I had ever imagined this year in the board of NESU Finland to go by so rapidly. … Read More

Greetings from Turku!

May 12, 2020By NESU-TuKYGreetings from NESU-organizations

NESU-TuKY’20 had a great start for the year in January when we first attended NESU-Dagen in Pori, and then organized our very first sitzparty. The After ski -sitz in Heidi’s Bier Bar Turku went great, and we even got a nice representation of ulkkarit, thanks to Probba, KY, Boomi, JKL and Estonia! Toasts at the … Read More

Greetings from NESU-Preemio

April 5, 2020By Nesu-PreemioBlog

At NESU-Preemio we started the beginning of the year at high speed with our new board by attending Nesu Dagen in Pori and hosting our own After ski -sits in Kuopio. Those events were great start to the year, and we couldn’t have been more excited to make this year the best NESU-Preemio has ever … Read More

Greetings from NESU-Porky

March 29, 2020By Nesu-PorkyBlog

Hello from Pori! Just like every NESU-organization, NESU-Porky has also gotten its new board for 2020. The roles in the board stayed pretty much the same as previous year, but some changes were made in a couple of role’s job descriptions. NESU-Porky’s board of 2020 consists of six devoted and energetic members. Five of the … Read More