Something old, something new: NESU-PORKY

Merry christmas, and greetings from NESU-Porky! Before the turn of the year it is a great time to sit back for a while and look what happened in Pori during 2022 as well as what is coming in the future. Our year has been a memorable one, and we will go to 2023 with lots […]

Something old, something new: NESU-SHS

Merry Christmas from NESU-SHS! It has been quite a cruise for NESU-SHS since the beginning of the pandemic, or you could say our cruise control got broken as our last event was NESU-Suomenlahti sits during late 2019. This year NESU-SHS didn’t really get a board to carry on and our activity died in 2021 completely. […]

Something old, something new: NESU-JKL

Hello, and greetings from Jyväskylä! This fall semester is slowly coming to its end and now it’s time to look back at the fall of 2022 and see what we did and also take a moment to glance in to the future. Our semester started in late August during the freshmen weeks, where we introduced […]

Something old, something new: NESU-HEBS

  Snowy greetings from NESU-HEBS!   Our year has been filled with fun sitzi parties and student events at our beloved campus and all around Finland. Something old, something new… This time old and new curl around all the memories from this year. I asked our NESU-HEBS 2022 board and our active students to tell […]


Well, greetings from lappeen Rannat!     This fall has gone in a flash and what a blast we have had here at Lappeenranta. Now is a good time to sit back and look at what happened during the fall and what lies ahead.   This autumn was busy for NESU-Enklaavi. We had 4 sitz altogether […]


Something old, something new: NESU-Boomi

Greetings from Tampere! The year is coming to an end, so as part of something old, we want to return to the events of 2022. Despite one cancelled sitz party at the beginning of the year NESU-Boomi’s operations have started to run at full capacity after COVID-19. In Tampere, interest towards NESU has grown. For […]


Gretings from Turku! This autumn has flown pass fast and the end of the year is getting closer. The end is getting near also to the board of 2022.  To look back the autumn has been it has been quite busy to NESU-TuKY. The autumn was kicked off with traditional practice sitz where our bunnies […]

Something new, something old – NESU-Waasa

Greetings from NESU-Waasa!   The year of board 2022 is coming to an end. For us, this has been a year to remember. This autumn we organized a total of four sitzparties and every one of them was a success. Within the last month, we have elected a new board and got to know them. […]


Greetings from Riversmouth!  Autumn has been really busy for NESU-Optimi also. We have already organized two sitsparties, Pappa Betalar -sits for Optimi’s badgers and an event for Eastern Finland -tour, i.e. the Karelian pie -sitsparty. Before the Christmas holidays, we will organize two more sitsparties. Now, we will have events with law students and business […]

Something old, something new – NESU-KY

Greetings from NESU-KY! This autumn has definitively gotten to a speedy start, as we have welcomed new mursus to campus. In addition to all the events we have organized for them to get to know us and feel the NESU-spirit, we have also already had a few public sitsparties with more to come by the […]