Greetings from NESU-Enklaavi!

March 4, 2020By NESU-EnklaaviBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

Greetings from the sunny lappeen rannoilta! The old board has finally retired and the winds of change are blowing in Lappeenranta. This of course couldn’t mean anything but the fact that the board of 2020 has hopped on to the NESU-wagon. Our board this year is mostly freshmen-based. Using analytics and mathematics to our favor, … Read More

Greetings from NESU-Boomi!

February 23, 2020By Nesu-BoomiBlog

Hello NESU-organizations! It is time to introduce the new board of NESU-Boomi to you! This year we have one member more than in previous years, because we are organizing the summer cottage and we have our 15th birthday party as well, so we have a project coordinator as a new task. Now we would like … Read More

The Book of Friends, part five

February 16, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog, The Book of Friends

NESU-SHS Who are you: The board of NESU-SHS’20 (some of us are though missing from the picture) How old are you: 8 years – NESU-SHS was founded in 2012 What is your favorite hobby: Drinking Vergi at our very own Casa Favorite color: White What do you want to be when you grow up: Bigger … Read More

The Book of Friends, part three

February 9, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog, The Book of Friends

NESU-Enklaavi Who are you: We are the board of NESU-Enklaavi ’20 (Aino, Jimi, Anni, Peppi, Monika, Mette, Juuso and Sanni) and other NESU-Enklaavi actives from previous boards How old are you: NESU-Enklaavi was founded in 2010 and we turned into NESU-Enklaavi ry in 2017 What is your favourite hobby: Singing Retropop and dancing in Gemmi … Read More

The Book of Friends, part two

February 4, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog, The Book of Friends

NESU-Preemio Who are you: The board of NESU-Preemio ‘20 and in the middle of bottom row two NESU-Preemio actives from earlier years. How old are you: NESU-Preemio was founded in 2010. What is your favourite hobby: Dancing around Veljmies -statue in Kuopio. Favourite color: Burgundy What do you want to be when you grow up: … Read More

The Book of Friends, part one

February 3, 2020By NESU FinlandBlog, The Book of Friends

New year and new faces! Welcome to the Book of Friends, a blog series that you may use when you forget a name for a face that you’ve definitely seen before. You’ll hear a lot more of these NESUits, but for now we’ll have a quick look of who do we have here. Without further … Read More

Greetings from Iceland!

January 31, 2020By Nesu-IcelandBlog

Hi Everyone! My name is Margrét Brandsdóttir and I am the new country rep from Iceland! I took over this position during the conference in Tampere last November from Auður, and frankly I am excited to represent my country in NESU. I have been to four conferences and I started my NESU journey in Lappenranta … Read More

Guide: Your first “semma”

January 12, 2020By Heidi RiihimäkiBlog, Guide

What, who, when and what? What: NESU Conference You have probably heard about the bi-annual spectacles that take place in different NESU-cities and have the specialty of creating life-long friendships and new learning experiences. The beginning of the year 2020 means that the application period to the Spring Conference of 2020 is starting soon, next … Read More

NESU-Waasa XIX: Signing out

December 11, 2019By Nesu-WaasaBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

There’s something strange in the air. Maybe it’s all the anticipation for the upcoming holidays and Christmas pleasantries; presents, carols and whatnot. I personally don’t think so. The atmosphere more likely stems from another chapter in the series of NESU’s bizarre adventures coming to an end. There’s something somber, playful and exciting in the air. … Read More