Stories About NESU: Aino Juurikkala

Hello guys, My name is Aino Juurikkala, but a lot of nesuits know me as Juuris or as “the other Aino” (cheers to you Laine). I am a fifth-year nesuit from Lappeenranta, and I have been part of the board of NESU-Enklaavi as well as part of the organizing team for one of the Autumn […]

Stories About NESU: Mikko Salusjärvi

Hey peeps!  It’s me, Mikko Salusjärvi. I also go by the alias, Salusmikko. I started my studies back in 2016 in Tallinn University of Technology. While there, I participated the events organized by NESU Tallinn. During the autumn of 2017 NESU-Enklaavi and Tallinn organized the half-annual conference, which included the Nordic Sitz party. I remember […]

Stories about NESU: Juulia Järvinen

Hi all! My name is Juulia and I’m here to tell you a short story about my journey with NESU. It all started when I first begin my studies as a freshman in year 2017 in Vaasa. Throughout the freshmen-events I heard rumors about this legendary freshmen-event called ‘’Harkkasitsit’’. I didn’t know yet what NESU […]

Stories about NESU: Emmi Vilkanen

I first heard about NESU in fall 2012, when I had just started my studies at Turku School of Economics. It was the orientation week, and my tutor told his two friends were in Oulu because they were participating in this thing called “sitz party”. The two had first booked their transportation for the wrong […]

Stories About NESU – Jonna Elomaa

NESU stole my heart on a sunny winter day, 27 of February in 2014. Just some months earlier I had moved to the other side of the world (read: Oulu) and even though I had already met many awesome persons, I had no idea what the student life would be after that day. On that […]


Stories about NESU – Janina Korhonen

Last fall, when I was representing NESU-SHS at a fair in Hanken, a freshman came to our stand and asked if it was worth to join NESU and when did I start in NESU. This was the first time it really hit me. Yes, it is definitely worth it and that I also joined NESU […]

Stories About NESU – Jan Käärik

My NESU story began during the fall of 2013 when I started my studies at the Oulu University. I moved to Oulu from Helsinki and my initial idea was to move close to our campus and get my degree done as quick as possible, little that I knew. During our orientation week we had a […]

Maija Saari

Stories About NESU – Maija Saari

I started my studies in the fall of 2016 at the Mikkeli campus of Aalto University. From the very start of my student life I thought our NESU organization, NESU-Probba, sounded like something that I would love to become a part of, and I really enjoyed the sitsiparties they organized for us in Mikkeli. The […]

Kristian Vainio

Stories About NESU – Kristian Vainio

En liten fågel satt en gång, och sjöng i furuskog. Han hade sjungit dagen lång, men dock ej sjungit nog. When I started my studies at the Vasa campus of Hanken back in 2010, we didn’t have NESU (albeit having been one of the first chapters within NESU in the early 1980’s). It had died […]

Stories About NESU – Part 4

It’s hard to summarize everything NESU means to me and all the crazy, awesome and weird adventures it has pulled me into, but if you have a few minutes, I’ll try to tell you a little bit of how I found NESU! The best thing in being a part of NESU are all the people […]