The MVP (Most Valuable Player) is a decoration that is granted by NESU Finland to a person who has somehow shown significant contribution to development of NESU as an organization.


Granting criteria

The MVP decoration can be granted to NESU members who;

  • Have actively participated in NESU activities for at least two years. (Generally, the MVP decoration is granted to honor long-term commitment to NESU)
  • Have shown real interest and enthusiasm towards NESU.
  • Have actively contributed in creating positive NESU spirit and sharing the NESU happiness forwards within one’s own city as well as elsewhere.



Granting the MVP decoration
The MVP decorations are distributed at NESU Finland’s summer cottage once a year. If the MVP decoration is granted to a person who is not able to attend the summer cottage at that time, it will be delivered at the very next sitsi party where that person is present.

Each year after the Spring Conference, the NESU Finland board will publish a link to an electronic form where potential recipients of the MVP decoration can be suggested by any NESU member. The board of NESU Finland decides the recipients of the MVP decoration based on these suggestions (

No limit has been set to amount of MVP decorations that can be granted each year. The NESU Finland board will grant as many decorations as it considers deserved.

Using the MVP decoration
The overall badge of the MVP decoration is to be attached to a visible spot at the top part of the left leg, so that the person carrying it can be easily recognized by others.The MPV pin is an unofficial academic decoration that one should carry with pride and wear in suitable occasions.


MVP decoration has been grated to the following people
Name NESU organization Date granted
Sofia Kauppila NESU-Boomi 23.7.2016
Rami Petäsnoro NESU-JKL 23.7.2016
Emilia Eräste NESU-KY 23.7.2016
Otto Buure NESU-JKL 23.7.2016
Ville Terenius NESU-PorKY 23.7.2016
Ossi Tursas NESU-TuKY 23.7.2016
Thomas Lindqvist NESU-SHS 23.7.2016
Lauri Nurmela NESU-Probba/NESU-KY 23.7.2016
Kristiina Sorsa NESU-Waasa 23.7.2016
Julia Brunila NESU-Waasa 23.7.2016
Hannes Ehgartner NESU-KY 23.7.2016
Kristian Vainio NESU-Hanken i Vasa 23.7.2016
Nico Paajanen NESU-PorKY 1.8.2015
Janne Turunen NESU-SHS 1.8.2015
Aleksi Riissanen NESU-Preemio 1.8.2015
Elina Sääskilahti NESU-TuKY 1.8.2015
Katri Auvinen NESU-TuKY 1.8.2015
Emmi Vilkanen NESU-TuKY 1.8.2015
Ralf Åberg NESU-Boomi 1.8.2015
Jori Hurula NESU-JKL 1.8.2015
Anni Seiteri NESU-Finanssi 1.8.2015
Otto Rouhiainen NESU-TuKY 1.8.2015
Veli-Pekka Pajunen NESU-JKL 2.8.2014
Miia Lahtinen NESU-Waasa 2.8.2014
Laura Mörsky NESU-Waasa 2.8.2014
Kari Leskinen NESU-Waasa 2.8.2014
Anni Anttonen NESU-Boomi 2.8.2014
Petri Harvala NESU-KY 2.8.2014
Aimo Järvinen NESU-KY 2.8.2014
Nico Numminen NESU-Finanssi 2.8.2014
Olli Mononen NESU-Boomi 2.8.2014
Jussi Nieminen NESU-TuKY 2.8.2014
Santeri Laine NESU-TuKY 2.8.2014
Anna Alppinen NESU-KY 2.8.2014
Paavo Karlin NESU-Waasa 10.8.2013
Otso Olander NESU-KY 10.8.2013
Olli Hopeasaari NESU-KY 10.8.2013
Marika Tenhunen NESU-Finanssi/NESU-Waasa 10.8.2013
Tommi-Juhani Jokinen NESU-TuKY 10.8.2013
Tommi Pollari NESU-TuKY 10.8.2013
Jussi Kaistinen NESU-KY 10.8.2013
Jari Rantanen NESU-Jyväskylä 10.8.2013
Ilkka Vertanen NESU-KY 10.8.2013
Lotta Kaleva NESU-TuKY 10.8.2013
Ville Virkkala NESU-KY 10.8.2013
Aku-Jaakko Saukkonen NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Anna Saarinen NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Erika Ikäheimonen NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Isadora Kamotskin NESU-TuKY 25.07.2012
Janne Haikonen NESU-TuKY 25.07.2012
Jenni Alakoski NESU-Enklaavi 25.07.2012
Johannes Carpén NESU-Waasa 25.07.2012
Joonatan Lintala NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Jukka "Viper" Kyyrö NESU-Boomi 25.07.2012
Katri Kautovaara NESU-Enklaavi 25.07.2012
Kukka Almgren NESU-TuKY 25.07.2012
Laura Laitala NESU-TuKY 25.07.2012
Martti Kultalahti NESU-Finanssi 25.07.2012
Mikko "Biisoni" Viitamäki NESU-Jyväskylä 25.07.2012
Maija Joki-Korpela NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Outi Rajaniemi NESU-Finanssi/NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Paavo Tawast NESU-Boomi 25.07.2012
Pekka Lounila NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Petri Vilpponen NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Sebastian Kåla NESU-HiV 25.07.2012
Simo Engbom NESU-Waasa 25.07.2012
Tommi Ora NESU-KY 25.07.2012
Updated          SEP 22nd, 2014