Vappu Tour: Nesuits’ Ultimate Road Trip

April 29, 2013By NESU FinlandBlog

For a student, vappu is even bigger a deal than Christmas. For a Nesuit, it stretches to the next level from that. Many people start their vappu now, but NESU-vappu has been fully on for a week now. Our vappu started with the traditional Vappu Tour on April 22nd – 24th. The three dayer took off … Read More

April 12, 2013By adminBlog

YOLO! On Saturday morning we headed north ready to experience what sitsi-party in Oulu feels like. The trip was long but certainly worth it as snowy Oulu was beautiful and the sitsi-party had awesome atmosphere all night long. The newly elected board of NESU-KY ‘14 couldn’t have hoped for a better way to start their … Read More

Wykysitsiparty @Wasa 3.4.2013

April 8, 2013By adminBlog

Wykysitsiparty. Some of us had a hint of what would be coming and some of us didn’t have a clue yet. Nonetheless we were all equally enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming event. Oulu was ready to roll… The trip to Wasa begun at 10 o’clock for some and at noon for the rest. It … Read More


April 5, 2013By adminBlog

  Two and a half months – that’s how long we had to wait before announcing our active year’s first ordinary sits party of the year, and in ways our most significant event to date. The sits party was the first one that we were single-handedly responsible for organizing from start to finish, as there … Read More

AWAY: Learning the ABCs with NESU-Enklaavi

March 28, 2013By adminBlog

No clothes and freezing wind from Siberia? Why not? So we packed our bags, and ourselves, and started our journey to Lappeenranta. The sitsiparty was held in a basement of the student house. We arrived at the party venue slightly too early and got an invitation to visit Enklaavi’s guild room. Cheers for that! The … Read More


March 27, 2013By adminBlog

Would you like a shot of green magic potion? Or do you like to watch a longhaired male toastmaster in a tight (also green) fairy costume singing sits-party songs? NESU-OPTIMI’s Magic sits-party in Joensuu was all that and even more. The magic theme brought together tens of magicians, Harry Potters, fairies and wizards. Also Santa … Read More

Suggest your friends as Most Valuable Players of NESU in Finland

March 16, 2013By adminBlog

Once a year the board of NESU Finland grants new Most Valuable Players, MVPs. This year the badges of honor are given out at the NESU Summer cottage in Turku on August 10th. The MVP decoration is NESU Finland’s way to remember its members who have given their contribution to our beloved organization. MVP can … Read More

AWAY: Lappeenranta-style After Ski

March 11, 2013By adminBlog

What is the best way to reset your mind after an economics exam? For eleven of us the answer was taking a ride to Lappeenranta, where NESU-Enklaavi hosted “80’s After Ski” sits party. The evening actually was an after ski party for those who took part in Enklaavi´s Liugur-event, but for us the trip was … Read More

AWAY: Searching for friendship in Oulu

March 2, 2013By Nesu-Hanken i VasaBlog

I’m sitting in a train, on my way home from Oulu (of all places…) and ponder why I’m humming “Aqua Vera” whilst watching the first season of How I Met Your Mother. That’s when it hits me: I’ve just witnessed my first NESU-Finanssi sitsiparty. Less than 24 hours ago, I arrived to this northern coastal … Read More


March 2, 2013By nesu-tukyBlog

I bet it wasn’t all fun to get back to school from the lovely Christmas holidays- all the lectures, projects, homeworks and other duties waiting to be done. But luckily there is NESU-TuKY to brighten the moods! The first sitsi party of the year in TuKY attracted a whole bunch of enthusiastic students to the … Read More